Offer Your Employees Workplace Pensions Advice

Since the introduction of auto-enrolment, a workplace pension is taken for granted as being available. So how can you make your offer stand out? As workplace pension saving becomes the norm, the need for access to quality financial advice has grown. Here’s how it can add real value to your business and workforce:

By partnering with LEBC to provide Workplace Advice you;

1. Increase employee understanding of your pension scheme and benefit packages

2. Encourage your employees to engage with you as an employer

3. Create a more motivated workforce

4. Ease the workload for HR and Payroll departments

How your employees will benefit from receiving Workplace Advice;

1. Receive a personalised service bespoke to them which advices on     

     a. Pension contributions     

     b. Investment risks     

     c. Tax implications

2. Understand how to make the most of allowances and avoid unnecessary tax bills

3. Have access to an annual review which adapts to their changing circumstances

4. Receive specialist advice as they approach retirement age

5. Scheme members who take advice are on average £47,706 better off than those who don’t*

Workplace advice is provided by Aspira Corporate Solutions Limited who are part of the LEBC Group of companies.

*Revisiting the Value of Financial Advice, The International Longevity Centre 2019.