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Acting as a Trustee comes with many challenges. LEBC understands this and has developed a Trustee Investment Advice service to help Trustees cope with their responsibilities.

Increased Protection for Trustees

Our Trustee Investment Advice service delivers a thorough analysis of the trustee investment portfolio, highlighting any areas of concern in relation to balancing trustees’ responsibilities and beneficiaries’ interests as per the legislation. The service offers a workable solution to address these concerns. This service will help ensure that trustees meet the requirements of the Act whilst addressing the challenge of today’s volatile and ever-changing investment environment.

The service also enables Trustees to demonstrate that they have sought professional advice and comply with legislation through a comprehensive audit trail. Additionally, we can provide access to competitively priced Trustee Indemnity Insurance and specialist advice, through a Lloyds broker.

Meeting the Needs of Beneficiaries

Our initial advice, implementation support and ongoing reviews ensure the chosen investment approach meets the needs of all beneficiaries whilst minimising tax. This may include targeting income and capital growth when there are mixed interests within the trust's objectives. We will ensure the investment structure is appropriate and that the trust features the right blend of assets, products and tax wrappers. 

Beneficiaries are more financially aware than ever, and as a result can have high expectations. This service ensures that the relevant key facts and analysis can be easily articulated, ensuring that the beneficiaries are well informed and well supported.

Key Benefits for Trustees

By choosing LEBC's Trustee Investment Advice service you can be assured of the following:

  • A clear strategy for providing for the beneficiaries’ multitude of interests
  • Recognition in the process for the implications of the Trustee Act
  • Documentation which will assist Trustees in ensuring they can prove a structured approach to reviewing and documenting the trust assets
  • The support of properly qualified professional advisers which is clearly in the spirit of the Acts and formalises the relationship
  • Access, through a specialist Lloyds broker, to a competitively priced Trustee Indemnity Insurance product and specialist advice, tailored to the needs of the trust

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