Financial Planning on Divorce

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LEBC’s Financial Planners offer expert financial advice and services to Family Lawyers, Mediators and their clients regarding pension matters and other financial planning issues arising on divorce.

Pension & Financial Planning Triage

In order to start the process, we offer Family Lawyers and Mediators an initial consultation, without cost. During this discovery process we gain an understanding of the characteristics of the pension schemes involved and advise upon any complicating issues and unusual features that may need special consideration.

We can also enhance your negotiating position and help mitigate risk when dealing with either simple or highly complex pension matters.


Advising Within the Settlement

We are able to provide sophisticated cash flow analysis with a view to assisting the divorcing parties to achieve income targets within the settlement process.

Advising on Pension Credit Placement

LEBC can advise the individual parties involved on the new pension arrangement as agreed by the Court. This is particularly important where an internal transfer is not permitted by the ceding scheme administrators.

The rules around the transfer of pension credit varies between schemes, particlaurly between public sector and private sector pensions.

LEBC's services are therefore designed to provide a timely and efficient process to establish a Personal Pension Plan to receive the Pension Credit and, by liaising with the trustee or administrators of the ceding scheme, bring matters to a satisfactory conclusion.

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