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Our LEBC Governed Portfolios have been designed for LEBC clients. They allow you to invest with peace of mind, knowing that you have chosen the most appropriate solutions for your desired investment horizons and risk preferences.

Our portfolios are managed on your behalf and reviewed on a quarterly basis by our Investment Committee.  They take account of economic trends and investment data to position the investments within the portfolios so that they seek to meet your objectives with appropriate risk adjustment.

How Do Our LEBC Governed Portfolios Work?

We have a variety of LEBC Governed Portfolios, across five risk profiles and 2 time horizons. We also have 5 long term LEBC Governed ESG Portfolios. The most appropriate one for your investment needs is identified after completing an in-depth risk analysis with your adviser. 

The portfolios are managed by a discretionary manager and overseen by our Investment Committee which defines the objectives for each portfolio, sets the mix of assets within the portfolio and selects from a broad range of funds for each asset class. 

This strategy is then reviewed quarterly, ensuring that your investments are rebalanced as required, in line with your personal risk requirements. 

Alongside the individual personal service provided by your adviser, you can keep up to date with your investment portfolio via our online client portal. This platform allows you secure access to view updated performance, transactional data, key documentation and changes to your portfolio. 

Why Choose Our LEBC Governed 

By investing in the LEBC Governed Portfolios, you are delegating the time commitment and research required to manage your own investments. The investment proposition removes the requirement for you initiate an individual advice review  or complete forms every time the investments require a change in response to changing  economic conditions. This enables speedier implementation of investment decisions combined with a cost-effective pricing structure.  LEBC’s Governed Portfolios provide a robust investment option that we are proud to offer.

Important Information:
The value of investments and income from them may go down. You may not get back the original amount invested. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

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