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The purpose of investing is to plan for your future income needs, which is why you should have clear objectives and timeframes beforehand.

This can be identified by completing a personal financial plan with your LEBC adviser, which, along with risk profiling, can identify your needs and help establish how you can best prepare for your future.

Analysing Your Investments

Once we've established your objectives we will review your current investments and determine if they are still appropriate.

We will review the following areas:

  • What is your appropriate investment risk? 
  • Over what timeframe will you need the money?
  • How tax-efficient are your investments?
  • How competitively priced are your investments?
  • Are there any contractual features that will add value to your investments?
  • How well managed are your investments and do they undergo regular reviews?
  • What compensation is available if your investments fail?
  • Do you need a contingency plan in place, either for yourself or your family?

Implementing Your Action Plan

If your current investments can be made more efficient, we will work with you to devise and implement an action plan. This may include:

  • Optimising the use of LEBC Model Portfolios
  • Maximising tax planning opportunities
  • A discretionary managed portfolio for large capital investments
  • A range of bespoke investments chosen from the entire marketplace

Important Information:
The value of investments and income from them may go down. You may not get back the original amount invested. The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Tax Planning.

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We now understand our investments and know these are working for us. It's great, we just enjoy our retirement in the knowledge that we do not have to worry whether there is enough money in the bank.

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