Market Insight | Russia-Ukraine February 2022

February 2022
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The media has been filled with distressing scenes since the news of Russia’s attack on the Ukraine yesterday. As has been the case with numerous shocks in the past, markets the world over responded negatively, which is to be expected. It is important to remember that after the immediate drop resulting from such events, markets often tend to rebound as situations become clearer and more is known of the impact of any surprise event (as indeed has been the case this morning following the sanctions imposed on Russia by Western Governments yesterday).

Our message as always is not to panic. The investment strategies we provide for our clients are designed to protect from the impact of such shocks over the longer term. We work with a number of investment experts in managing our investment solutions and had already adopted a neutral position to equities across the board. If you are interested in a more detailed view of how the situation is affecting markets, we’ve made available an update from one of our investment partners, Copia Capital Management which you can view by clicking on the links below:

Market Insight | Russia-Ukraine February 2022
Market Insight ESG | Russia-Ukraine February 2022

While it is too early to predict the course of events over the next few days and weeks, we’d like to reassure you that we continue to work with our investment partners to monitor the situation and minimise any negative impact.

If you have specific concerns and you would like to discuss them, please contact your adviser in the usual way or click here to contact us via the website.

Derek Miles
Group Managing Director

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