Last Call For Help To Buy ISAs

October 2019
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Saving a deposit for your first home can seem like a huge challenge, with recent research finding that the average deposit required for a first-time buyer stands at a whopping £38,418![1] This substantial figure, alongside the ever-increasing cost of rent, can make getting your foot on the property ladder seem like a distant dream for many. The key to building up a deposit is, quite simply, to start saving as much as you can as soon as you can. There are however a couple of ways in which the Government can help give first-time buyers a hand.

Help to Buy ISA

If you’re more than three months away from completing your first property purchase, then a Help to Buy ISA could be for you. In fact as it’s calendar months, it’s possible to reach the £1,600 minimum contribution required to receive a bonus in just over a month e.g. 31st October £1,200, any time in November £200 and 1st December £200! To be eligible for a Help to Buy ISA you must be a first-time buyer, be over 16, have an NI number, be a UK resident and not own a property anywhere else in the world.

Like a standard Cash ISA, interest is not taxed. But unlike a standard Cash ISA, the Government will add 25% to the amount you’ve saved, when you buy your first property. Save £3,000 and you’ll get a £750 bonus; save the maximum £12,000 and you’ll get a £3,000 bonus. If you’re planning to buy with a partner and are both eligible for a Help to Buy ISA, you can receive a total combined bonus of up to £6,000. However, be quick as the Government’s offer of free money for people saving for a deposit on their first home closes to new investors in November this year!

The Key Rules

Before you think about depositing the full £12,000 in one fell swoop, there are a few rules to watch out for:

  1. Contributions – you can start the ISA off with a £1,200 contribution, but you’re limited to £200 per month thereafter (usually by standing order). Contributions can be made until 30 November 2029.
  2. The Government “Bonus” – nothing is paid unless you’ve saved at least £1,600. This will gain a £400 bonus. And the maximum 25% bonus is £3,000, meaning you’ll need to have saved at least £12,000. The 25% bonus applies to the amount in your ISA. In other words, the interest you earn will also gain bonus.
  3. Receiving the bonus – when you buy your first home, the bonus is claimed by your solicitor and added to your deposit money. The bonus must be claimed by 1 December 2030.
  4. Cost of home - the home you buy must cost no more than £250,000 outside London, £450,000 in London itself and must be for your own occupation (i.e. you’re not allowed to rent it out). It must also be purchased with a mortgage.

Lifetime ISAs

If you are over 18 and below age 40, you will also be eligible for the Lifetime ISA (LISA). Here are some key points on LISAs:

  • Can only be opened by savers between the age of 18 and 39.
  • Government will offer a bonus of 25% which is added to the plan each month
  • If you have a Help to Buy ISA and a Lifetime ISA you can only use the government bonus from one of them to buy your first home
  • Savers can pay in up to £4,000 per year for a bonus of up to £1,000 until the age of 50
  • The government bonus can only be used in two scenarios:
    • For a purchase of a first home for £450,000 or less, any time after the LISA has been open for at least 12 months
    • To fund retirement from age 60
    • If you withdraw money from your Lifetime ISA for any other reason, except in the case of terminal illness, you’ll usually have to pay a 25% withdrawal charge.

And finally...

Despite these Government incentives it’s still a tall order to save up such a large sum of money. An increasing number of people are choosing to move back in with their parents to save cash faster for a deposit, while others rely on gifts or loans from family members. To help, LEBC will shortly be launching its savings and budgeting app Hummingbird, to register for more information please e-mail

Ben Doyle
Marketing Assistant, LEBC

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[1] First-time buyers are skipping flats and buying three- bedroom houses instead,, viewed 08/10/2019



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