Divorce and Pensions

February 2018
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After the family home, a pension can be the second biggest asset. This is why it is so important to ensure that it is correctly divided within a divorce settlement. At LEBC, we provide expert financial advice and services on pension matters and other financial planning issues that arise.

Our Pensions on Divorce advisers have become the trusted choice for family lawyers, collaborative lawyers, mediators and their clients. As specialists in this field, we have a Resolution accredited Technical Consultant who has provided expert witness services to Family Courts, including pension sharing reports, as a single joint expert for more than 10 years.

Below are the services we can offer either on an individual instruction or acting on a single joint expert instruction.

Advising upon Pensions within the Divorce Settlement

We can provide all relevant reports the Court requires in order to make a decision on pension sharing, pension attachment and offsetting.

To ensure this, we cover the full range of pension schemes that could be considered such as; Public Sector and Private Sector Final Salary and Defined Benefit Schemes, simple Personal Pension and Stakeholder Pension Schemes, and the more sophisticated Directors Small Self-Administered Pension Schemes and Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPPs).

If required, we can also include each party’s State Pension expectations as well as sophisticated cash flow analyses to assist the divorcing parties achieve income targets within the settlement process.

Advising Upon the Placement of the Pension Credit

Following the Court’s decision, we can help individuals establish new pension arrangements using the pension credit they’ve been awarded.

As different types of pensions have different rules as to whether they’ll allow the internal or external transfer of pension credit, our services ensure that where appropriate, a personal pension plan efficiently receives the correct amount without delay to bring matters to a satisfactory conclusion.

Pension & Financial Planning Triage

The Triage service is free to Family Lawyers, Collaborative Lawyers and Mediators and gives the benefit of our expertise by explaining the characteristics of different pension schemes within a settlement process. It also advises on any complicating issues and unusual features associated with them that needs special consideration.

If acting as a single expert, we can also explain how to enhance your negotiating position and mitigate risk when dealing with either simple or highly complex pension matters.

Want to know more?

If you’d like to know more about our specialist Pensions on Divorce services, or discuss a particular case, just call 0116 247 3600 or send us an email at podenquiries@lebc-group.com. Our expert team will be happy to go into detail about how we can help as well as discuss a particular case and provide details of our fees.

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