6 ways the personal finance portal can help you protect and manage your money

March 2022
Couple Using Personal Finance Portal
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If you want to make managing your finances easier, look no further than the Personal Finance Portal (PFP). This revolutionary technology gives you 24/7 access to all your financial and investment information on your mobile, laptop, or tablet.

Whether you want an up-to-date valuation on your investments or to see how close you are to reaching your financial goals, PFP holds all the information you need in one secure location.

Here are seven reasons to sign up and start using PFP today.

1. Keep all your financial documents in one secure place
The PFP is an online portal that you can use as a secure document vault for all your financial and personal documents. 

Two-factor authentication is an easy way to improve security and reduce the risk of hacking. This extra layer of security ensures that you're the only person who can access your account, even if someone else knows your password.

The document vault gives you a handy place to save and access your documents safely and securely.

You and your adviser can upload and store documents in the portal. Keeping everything in one easy-to-find place means you’ll no longer waste time trying to locate your paperwork. 

You have 100MB of storage for documents and can include things such as digital copies of your passport, your will, insurance documents, Lasting Power of Attorney paperwork, and anything else that may be useful.

2. Use Open Banking to track your spending, set financial goals, and budget to meet them
Using the Goals page, you can create and keep track of your financial goals. Adding goals is easy and, by linking your goal to a specific account inside the portal, you can follow your progress and stay motivated to reach your financial targets. 

For example, if you are saving for a holiday next summer and have a target amount you want to reach, you can record it as a goal and assign it to a specific account using Open Banking. The portal will automatically let you know your progress and keep you focused on achieving your goal.

Alongside your financial goals, you can keep track of your spending by listing your expenditure. Record the total amount you spend in each specified area and monitor where your money is being spent every month across all current accounts and savings accounts you have imported via Open Banking.

3. Get instant up-to-date information on your investment portfolio 
PFP enables you to view your fund information and financial portfolio at the click of a button.

See an up-to-date valuation of your investments in one location whenever you want to know how your portfolio is performing.

If you want to learn more about the funds you’re invested in, view the fund fact sheet. This will give you current information about the fund and how your money is invested.

4. Message directly and securely with your adviser 
Use the portal to send and receive secure messages with your adviser. This allows you to share sensitive information with them. As with email, you can upload and send documents, knowing that you are passing on information securely.

Also, the details that you see in your PFP are the same as the data your adviser has captured in their internal system. This means that any information you update can be accessed by your adviser in real-time. So, your adviser can respond quickly to your needs and offer appropriate and timely advice and support.

5. Avoid financial scams
Because everything stored inside the PFP is completely encrypted, when you communicate with us using the inbuilt messaging service, your information is protected. This helps to protect you from falling victim to financial scams and identity theft.

6. Protect the environment
Many businesses are encouraging their customers to go paperless. Instead of getting your bank statements in the mail every month, you can now access your statements online. Likewise with household bills. 

The PFP helps you access and keep all your PDF documents in one secure place, making it even easier for you to look after the environment and reduce the amount of paper you need to file and store.

Get in touch
To find out more about how you can benefit and start using the Personal Finance Portal to protect and manage your money, get in touch. Email clientenquiries@lebc-group.com or call us on 0800 055 6585.

The information contained in this article is based on the opinion of LEBC Group Ltd and does not constitute financial advice or a recommendation to any investment or retirement strategy, you should seek independent financial advice before embarking on any course of action.

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