Gender Pension Gap

The LEBC Gender Pension Gap Guide will be published soon

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It's a well known fact that women are likely to have significantly less retirement income than their male counterparts. There are many reasons for this, not least the impact of the Gender Pay Gap, but also the fact that women are more likely to take on caring responsibilties in families and to be in lower paid or
part-time roles.

The Issue

The list of issues that contribute to the Gender Pension Gap is undeniably rather long.

There is copious coverage of this issue in the media however very little is offered in the way of solutions. At LEBC we hope to change that.

Our Solution

Our new Guide to the Gender Pension Gap will explain the practical steps women (and men!) can take to ensure that women are maximising their chances of a comfortable retirement.

Gender Pension Gap Guide

The Guide will include more information about the causes of the Gender Pension Gap, but more importantly we'll provide practical steps that women and their families can take to protect and improve their financial situation both now and in later life.

To register your interest in the Guide and receive a copy by email when it is published please contact us at to request your free copy.