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Your employees have had a steady income throughout their time with you. However as they get close to retirement they face the daunting prospect of living off the assets they’ve saved. Therefore the more knowledge you can give them in the lead up to their retirement, the more confident they will be.

Financial Education

At LEBC, we can help you achieve this vital understanding of your pension scheme through financial education. This will be provided by working closely with you to design the right communication strategy for you and your staff.

As more and more companies now comply with the Auto-Enrolment legislation they are seeing their pension costs increase significantly due to Auto-Enrolment and its associated complexities. So, they are looking to see some value from this expenditure, rather than just ticking the proverbial legislative box.

Ultimately, your employees need to value and appreciate the benefits that are being provided as this will undoubtedly assist with the recruitment and retention of key staff.

Your tailor-made communication strategy can include:

  • Individual member consultations which include guidance on contributions or investments
  • Retirement planning presentations and Q&As
  • Investment presentations
  • Online member functionality
  • A pension newsletter, possibly including some output of governance meetings
  • Legislative updates via email either to your company for onward distribution or direct to staff
  • Text message and email communication
  • Easy access to a designated consultant and office based administrator

All the processes and procedures we offer are fluid and would be reviewed as part of the ongoing governance processes.

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