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Any business accumulating cash on it's balance sheet should ensure that these funds are working as hard as possible. We can help you obtain a healthier return.

Our Investing Corporate Funds service will be of particular benefit to your business if you have a cash balance in excess of £100,000 where there is no requirement for the capital within the business over the next twelve months.

Making Funds Work Harder

At LEBC, our Corporate Investment Service Advisers will work with you as a business owner or director to potentially increase the rate of return on cash held within your business. We’ll give you the opportunity to obtain better potential returns based on your business requirements and the time required to access your capital.

Our specialist Advisers work with you to understand your business needs, liaising with approved accountants and tax advisers to find the best investments for your specific business structure.

Investment Tailored to Your Business

Your Adviser will tailor a package which will provide you with:

  • Access to retail deposit rates which are more competitive than the rates available normally for businesses
  • Investments structured over the short, medium or long term
  • The potential to access a longer term investment strategy and to spread the investment risk appropriately
  • Reviews based on the aims of your business and advise around its needs and requirements

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