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As a trustee, you have significant responsibilities in running a pension scheme on behalf of current and future beneficiaries.

We can provide a clearly defined consultancy service to help you in terms of governance, profiling, future strategies and efficiency. This can cover everything from secretarial services through to investment advice and liability management.

Why it Pays to Get Expert Advice

Changing legislation, challenging economic conditions and longer lifespans, all mean that our specialised advice can help minimise risk and ensure you are fulfilling all regulatory requirements as a trustee.

To ensure you take advantage of all cost savings available, we will proactively review your requirements and advise you on recommended suppliers you can benefit from such as those offering actuarial, administration, investment and legal services.

Governance and Secretarial Services

Good governance of a defined benefit pension scheme requires diligent processes as well as accurate and complete record-keeping. Which is exactly what we can provide, while at the same time keeping you regularly up-to-date with any legislative and regulatory changes.

To ensure the smooth running of your scheme through efficient organisation, preparation and ongoing monitoring, we offer our scheme secretarial services. Tailored to your needs, they reduce the burden of managing your scheme.

Investment Consultancy

Our consultancy service begins by establishing what your scheme needs to achieve. A strategy can then be put in place tailored to your scheme’s needs and  objectives, attitude to investment risk, your sponsoring employer(s) covenant and available budget.

Liability Management

Most defined benefit pension schemes are now closed to new entrants. In the majority of cases, trustees simply wish to manage them efficiently and, when possible, reduce their liabilities.

By assessing your scheme we can then offer the best option from a number of different liability management projects. The most common of these being Pension Increase Exchange (PIE), Flexible Retirement Options (FRO) and Enhanced Transfer Value (ETV).

Complementary Services

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