2023 Group Life Assurance &Income Protection Renewals

To ensure data integrity, security, to prevent any inadvertent omissions and to streamline the process, you should continue to process your data through the insurance website provided by Artex Risk:-



To submit your renewal data, you will need to login using your normal franchisee login details, these must be the franchisee details not the additional logins provided to your managers. Please then click on the “Death in Service/Income Protection” tab which can be found at the top of the home page. 

Once the data has been submitted you are not required to do anything else, the premium will be charged through Mcdienstens. If you do not use Mcdienstens we will provide you with a separate invoice from Aviva for you to make a payment directly to them. We anticipate the annual premiums to be charged in June or July 2023. For those Franchisees who didn’t select the cover at the last renewal, please see the attached a fact sheet and Q&A that provides you with an overview of the cover. If you wish to discuss this in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact Viki Baker at vikibaker@lebc-group.com. We are aware in some instances your data appears to duplicate employees, please be assured that when you submit your data to us we are only receiving this once and you will only be charged once. The data is thoroughly checked before you are invoiced.


Important information about Aspira and LEBC Group

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